8U – Division


The 8U Division steps it up a notch by adding the keeper (goalie) in place. Your child will develop team building skills, ball control, strategy and the fundamentals of the game .

Rules & Guidelines

  • Ball: Size 3
  • Players: 5 vs 5 (minimum 4 players on field for each team)
  • Game Length: 4 quarters x 10 minutes (2 minute break between quarters, 5 minute break at half)
  • Substitution: Unlimited – Kick Off, Goal Kicks, Injury, and Offensive Throw-in
  • Headers: Prohibited
  • Shoes: Soccer Cleats Required
  • Shin Guards: Required
  • Referee: One Center Referee
  • Coaches: Must stay in the Coaches Box
  • Free Kicks: Opposing players must be 5 yards away on goal, corner, and other free kicks
  • Fouls: Only indirect kicks are taken for fouls
  • Scoring and Out of Bounds: Throw-ins, kick-offs, corner kicks, and goal kicks will be played
  • Roster Size: 8 Max, 6 Min.
  • Goalie: Use Goal Keeper

Soccer Age Matrix

SEASON 2019-2020 2020-2021 2021-2022 2022-2023 2023-2024 2024-2025
2020 6U
2019 6U 6U
2018 6U 6U 8U
2017 6U 6U 8U 8U
2016 6U 6U 8U 8U 11U
2015 6U 6U 8U 8U 11U 11U
2014 6U 8U 8U 11U 11U 11U
2013 8U 8U 11U 11U 11U 13U
2012 8U 11U 11U 11U 13U 13U
2011 11U 11U 11U 13U 13U 15U
2010 11U 11U 13U 13U 15U 15U
2009 11U 13U 13U 15U 15U 19U
2008 13U 13U 15U 15U 19U 19U
2007 13U 15U 15U 19U 19U 19U
2006 15U 15U 19U 19U 19U 19U
2005 15U 19U 19U 19U 19U
2004 19U 19U 19U 19U
2003 19U 19U 19U
2002 19U 19U
2001 19U
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