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Thank you for bearing with us during this unusually rainy season. As our tournament approaches I wanted to thank the volunteers who help keep this organization running. It takes a lot of work to run a Soccer league. Trash needs to be picked up, fields lined weekly, fields laid out before the season even starts, concession, coaches, etc. Everyone one of the people here do not get paid to run this league and I appreciate the efforts all of you have made each and every year to keep this organization focused on it’s goal of teaching kids teamwork, leadership, enjoying the outdoors, and learning how to compete the right way through the game of soccer.

That brings me to my next point. Wednesday, May 15 is our annual meeting. I encourage all parents to show up. We will have our elections that day and will need you to cast your votes.

Our board elections work the following way. The general board is elected. From those general elections, the executive board is chosen and voted on by the incoming general board members. Currently I am the Communications Officer and the President. I will be running for the Communications Officer again and if elected the newly elected board would decide if I get to remain President.

The following positions are up for grab. Listed below is the position and if anyone is currently seeking election for that position. If you would like to be a part of the board, please send me your interest in one of these positions by Monday, May 13 for inclusion to the ballot.

Travel Coordinator

Coordinate the travel program of the Ben Davis Soccer Club; Organize, schedule, publicize, and conduct fair tryouts; Submit rosters from all Travel leagues to the Ben Davis Registrar; Hold coach/manager meetings; Review performance of travel coaches each year; recommend hiring and dismissal of travel coaches; Promote the overall positive aspects of the Ben Davis Soccer Club travel program/teams; Manage all travel fees including uniform fees.

Position Held By: No One Currently
Running for Election: No One Currently

Recreation Coordinator

Organize and coordinate the Recreation league season each Spring and Fall; Maintain database following registration; Compose teams; Forward registration data to Registrar.

Position Currently Held By: Amanda Cook
Running for Election: No One Currently

Communications Coordinator

Coordinate the Ben Davis Soccer Club communications to the parents, players, and potential members. Coordinate player Registration select dates/locations and enlists volunteers to conduct registration; Maintain website; publish newsletter. Review all forms, letterhead, and public documents to ensure consistencies and compliance with sponsorship agreements.

Position Held By: Brad Shoemaker
Running for Election: Brad Shoemaker

Fields Coordinator

Manage field issues; Locate, mark and maintain playing, and practice fields; Act as liaison with property owner; Submit equipment needs to Board of Directors.

Position Held By: Tim Toepp
Running for Election: Tim Toepp

Tournament Coordinator

Coordinate all aspects of Ben Davis Soccer Club tournaments and other travel and rec. tournaments.

Position Held By: No One Currently
Running for Election: No One Currently

Uniform Coordinator

Responsible to: Purchase uniforms and equipment, including trophies/awards for the league; Arrange for pictures to be taken and distributed; Ensure uniform fees are collected from teams/players; Order/manage playing equipment. Review Travel uniforms every two years.

Position Held By: Sandy Patrick
Running for Election: Sandy Patrick

Risk Management

Coordinate all aspects of Ben Davis Soccer Club Risk Management; including annual background checks on all coaches, managers, board members, and primary committee members. Review Ben Davis Soccer Club operations and bring to the attention of the board any potential risks and liability. Provide safety guidelines to each league for inclusion in coaching materials, including lightning, goal safety, first aid. Work with Treasurer to ensure Ben Davis Soccer Club assets are adequately insured and liability exposure is limited.

Position Held By: No One Currently
Running for Election: Mandisa Pawelczak

Sales/Fund Raising

Develop and implement sponsorship program; Solicit logo sponsorships on uniforms;Solicit major sponsorships to underwrite the Ben Davis Soccer Club costs; including programs, trophies, and referee expenses; Work with Capital Campaign Committee to raise capital for field development and operation.

Position Held By: Felicia Thompson
Running for Election: Danielle Ochoa

Latino Relations

Develop a relationship with the Latino families. Outreach our Latino communities and bring Latino issues to the table so that we may continue to be a culturally diverse group.

Position Held By: Noel Salas
Running for Election: Noel Salas

Facilities Coordinator

Upkeep, Additions and general maintenance to the buildings and structures owned by the Ben Davis Soccer Club.

Position Held By: No One Currently
Running for Election: Nick Allender


The following positions will be up for election next annual meeting.

Coaching Coordinator

Coordinate educational clinics for Ben Davis Soccer Club coaches and recreational and travel leagues; Recruit and approve all coaches within the Ben Davis Soccer Club; Investigate coaching concerns; Sit on disciplinary committee for coaching matters; Schedule state licensing classes

Position Held By: Deb Stricklin
Running for Election: Not Up for Election

Concessions Coordinator

Develops the menu for the concession stand; Purchases products for sale at the concession stand; Works with Treasurer in determining price for the merchandise; Keeps concession equipment in working order; Reports any concession needs to Board of Directors for approval.

Position Held By: Michelle Suter
Running for Election: Not Up for Election

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